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EP (CEO/founder)

She is currently managing luxury villas while learning about technology and international business. She has a background in journalism, broadcasting, business development and building teams. She loves reading, traveling and tea.

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Andrew (COO)

He is currently working in construction and logistics. He is the one with the relevant and highly in-demand permits and licenses required for construction and trucking in Greece. He loves dogs, motocross and coffee.

Chris (property developer)

He is certified in Ecologic and Handcrafted Log Home Construction. Member of the International Log Builders' Association and oversaw construction on large scale projects throughout Europe and Greece. He loves learning about renewable energy, sustainable laws and development in Greece.

Our Story

Journalism & Philanthropy = Love

She was on summer assignment as an international correspondent covering the economic and refugee crisis in Greece.

He was actively involved in his church helping Greeks and refugees suffering through the crisis.

That's when they met.. and when forever started.

Together they are joining forces with other like-minded people who want to do something different and make a positive change in the world.

This is how lives are transformed and made better.

This is how love is shown. By doing and being in Greece.

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We are here to assist.

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