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*video is the actual prototype.
Being Greece is building an eco-friendly luxury resort complex of "tiny home" upcycled shipping containers made by Cocoon Modules right in Greece. 
Stages 2-3 will include a golf course + spa, heated indoor/outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant, boutique artisan shops, e-scooters, e-bikes, e-cars &, much more!
Homeowners/Investors are able to rent or lease their units as they wish throughout the year via our Property Management Services department to conscious tourists & travelers ensuring a timely ROI with purpose + profit while... the same time, we are providing available units to Greek residents who cannot afford luxurious vacations in their own country even while the rest of the world enjoys beautiful Greece. 
Together we all can "BEING GREECE."
Why the mainland and not a famous Greek island?

Due to overtourism on the Greek islands, the mainland of Greece tends to be neglected. With our goals of purpose being tied together with profit, we endeavor to bring the warm vibes + sunny feels of the Greek islands to the mainland.

This then allows you to enjoy the true authentic side of Greece that many people miss. But don't worry- a short bus ride away is Greece's 3rd largest city (Patras) and in less than 2 hours you can be in Athens... or even directly at the Athens International Airport via the suburban railway.

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