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We are merging sustainability, ecoliving and alternative tourism with philanthropy and impact traveling to create social responsibility while bringing economic & societal
Peace for Greece.

Together we are BEING GREECE!


We have two missions: philanthropic and sustainable. Peace for Greece & Being Greece are working hand in hand to make money matter. Being Greece will build eco-friendly and luxurious "tiny home communities all over Greece that will allow expats, digital nomads, & conscious tourists to holiday, slow travel or live in Greece permanently.

But we aren't like any other real estate development company or travel agency. We will put the locals first while at the same time taking care of the environment. Let's just say we're improvising the saying, "leave nothing but your footprint...and love for the locals."

Environmentally speaking, this will mean everything from designated beach cleanups to only using electric bikes, scooters and cars on the complex, including using renewable resources for all construction & property operations. Recycling machines will collect all paper, plastic and glass used on site and then be sorted and sold for use in local manufacturing plants.

Societally speaking, this will mean using local resources for everything as much as possible-- from the actual construction of the resort to the daily operations and any guests' needs such as restaurants, take out/deliveries, special concierge requests, tour activities and more.

Philanthropically speaking, this will mean that Greek residents will benefit from the project by being given access to the properties at no/low costs depending on financial need.

Our promise to mission-minded travelers: "take a holiday, give back a holiday"

Read more below about Peace for Greece's mindset.

What's so special about us?
Being Greece offers an eco-friendly luxury resort complex of "tiny home" bungalows for tourists, digital nomads, slow travelers or long term residents with Philotimo, its "renewable energies" built & run real estate development project. 
Stage 2 will include a golf course + spa, heated indoor/outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant, boutique artisan shops, electric scooters, bikes, cars +, much more!
Homeowners/Investors are able to rent or lease their units as they wish throughout the year via the Property Management Services department to interested tourists & travelers ensuring a timely ROI with purpose + profit while... the same time, we are providing available units to Greek residents who cannot afford luxurious vacations in their own country even while the rest of the world enjoys beautiful Greece. 
Together we all can "BEING GREECE."
Need more details? Have questions? Want to join our team as an investor, homeowner or traveler? 

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